Trust me…I’m an Audio Geek

Better known as Woody, I was playing with sound recording at the age of just nine years old, but it became a little more serious when I turned my onetime hobby into my full-time profession in 1985, moving on to establish Dubmaster Studios in 1987.

During my career I have worked in most fields of audio production, including location recording in just about every type of broadcast and corporate production you can imagine - from touring with Springsteen to more recent regular work as recording engineer for BBC Radio 4 “Gardeners Question Time”.

I’ll always commit myself to your project 100% no matter how small the production or budget. You’ll find me dedicated, methodical, professional, and a very good tea brewer.


My Dad was a BBC engineer so I spent quite a lot of my childhood Saturdays sitting at the back of an Outside Broadcast truck at various large events. I started working professionally as a freelance sound recordist and live sound engineer in the mid eighties after a couple of years as the sound/animation technician at West Surrey College of Art & Design in Farnham.

Later, I joined DVA in Basingstoke where I designed and built their first edit and sound suites. During my time there I worked as a dubbing mixer on many corporate and broadcast productions as well as managing the technical and IT facilities before leaving in 2009.

I have worked as a musician throughout my career and was briefly signed to A&M records in the early nineties. As well producing music to picture, I still play my Stratocaster regularly with my funksoul brothers in The Miller Family.

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Building the new Mary Rose Museum in Portsmouth

17 Oct 2011

Currently working on a three year project to document the building of the new Mary Rose Museum in Portsmouth. Working in partnership with production company “...
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