Music and pictures just go together. Music can be used to set moods and pace, highlight important messages, enhance branding and help to create an identity. It’s also often used to just make things less boring…

Music has become ubiquitous but, as content creators, we can’t just use anything we like. Almost all music is owned and copyrighted by someone and they will want paying for its use. Fortunately there are many sources of music available from production libraries that can be licensed, usually on a sliding cost scale depending on its final use. While some efforts have been made to make the licensing as easy as possible the process can still be confusing and time consuming. Additional costs for world clearance or internet use can be expensive too.

We write and produce our own music using a variety of modern techniques. For nonbroadcast projects we normally charge a one off fee allowing you to use the music in almost any way that you need to as many times as you want. This is increasingly common with our broadcast work too.

Our charges are based around a daily rate so prices start from around £300. Please have a look at our showreel and contact us if there is anything that we might be able to help you with.

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